Power of the Powerless? The Role of Small Parties in Georgian Politics

The Big Power of Small Parties: The Prospects of the Parliamentary Opposition in Georgia

It is a widespread view that with the background of confrontation between the larger parties, the rest of the political parties were under their shade and mainly had to act according to their agenda. Regardless, by entering Parliament, small parties managed to become game-changers in Georgian politics. Therefore, there is a possibility to talk about the real political power of such actors due to several factors. Their perspectives are realistic because, after a somewhat stabilization of the political crisis, small parties have more opportunity to direct their efforts towards working out their own (joint or individual) strategies and the active mobilization of voters for the next elections. In addition, with their decision to engage in official legislative activities, small parties increased their image of being trustworthy political actors in the eyes of the West, which raises their political weight significantly.

Ultimately, the parliamentary culture which, in the current stage of Georgian political life, can be formed through the activities of mutual cooperation between small parties, must prepare a successful foundation and experience in order to create stable coalition governments in the country after a certain period – this will be an important step forward taken by the political culture of Georgia.

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