Power of the Powerless? The Role of Small Parties in Georgian Politics

Intensified Focus on Political Objectives

The first factor which gives a clear perspective to some of the opposition parties in Georgian politics is the fact that throughout the relatively stable stage of the crisis they manage to rally around their shared future political objectives: they started to implement their agendas in the lawmaking process, officially articulating their visions from the Parliamentary platforms, which, over time, will make their activity far more thematic.

The discussions of some of the small opposition parties about their separation from the UNM and the proposal of independent candidates as the local government elections come closer indicate that the parliamentary opposition will act more independently in comparison to the post-election period of 2020. Therefore, it becomes clear that pre-election competition between the separate opposition parties should be expected even within a coordinated opposition. On one hand, this logic will encourage the promotion of the political agenda of specific parties, therefore the image and identity of those parties will be further strengthened in the eyes of the voters. However, such an approach during the pre-election period might be a risky strategy for the common objectives of the opposition.

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