Pilot trainings with local communities in Kvemo Kartli and Samtskhe-Javakheti

From the mid-March until the second week of April 2021, the trained trainers of the Jean Monnet Project “Promote and Act for Europe” held 8 pilot trainings in Kvemo Kartli (4 pilot trainings) and Samtskhe-Javakheti (4 pilot trainings) regions. The pilot trainings were implemented under the framework of the above mentioned project with the support of the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union. 

The trainers were selected from the participants of the training held by GIP “ Ethnic Minorities in Georgia and Europeanization” based on the competition. The training handbook was used as a main guide while conducting further training with the rest of the ethnic minority communities. The training handbook was translated in Armenian and Azerbaijani languages and the printed and online versions were  disseminated among the minorities. As a result, active members of ethnic and religious minorities gained knowledge about the EU related issues (see the themes below). 

Overall, four groups were selected to conduct the pilot training in their communities. Each group gathered more than 30-35 people per pilot training. 

In particular, there were the following groups: 

Group 1_ Javakheti, whose  members were: Giorgi Oganesian, Mariam Ginosyan, Araqsia Demurchian and Katya Sarkisyan. They conducted the pilot training on (1) Educational programs of the EU; (2) Free Trade cooperation with the EU. Their target audience were SMEs and students. 

Group 2_Javakheti, whose group members were: Tigran Tarsian, Lida Almasian, Kristina Khotsaryan. The conducted the pilot trainings about (1) Human Right protection guarantees from the EU; (2) Visa Free regime with the EU member states. The target of the pilot trainings were the ethnic minority youth, teachers and local activists. 

Group 3_Kvemo Kartli, the group members were Ayhan Gasanov and Laman Rzayeva, who conducted the trainings about (1) Europeanization of Georgia’s foreign policy: challenges and prospects,  (2) Minority rights and obligations in the context of European policy. Their target audience were ethnically Azerbaijani minorities in general. 

Group 4_Kvemo Kartli, the last group members were Rabil Ismail and Aishal Bairamova, who conducted the pilot trainings on (1) Educational programs with the EU; (2) Minority rights and obligations in the context of European policy. Their target audience were both youth and adults living in the different villages of Kvemo Kartli region. 


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