MEPs statement on Georgia: open discussion with civil society and media

“EaP is not high on the political agenda – we have many important issues, pandemic, green deal, etc. Europe is tired. Europe feels the fatigue towards EaP. Europe won’t be offering endlessly its high level visits, high level mediation – it cannot go higher than it is now, at the level of Charles Michel.” – said MEP Kaljurand. “All political groups agreed that if we don’t see the political commitment from the Georgian side, it is time to introduce the conditionality.”

MEP and former Prime Minister of Lithuania Andrius Kubilius stressed that those who signed the statement, in their groups are responsible for developments in the Eastern Partnership region, and their opinion will be respected. “This group is an informal group on Georgian crisis solutions, trusted with an unofficial mandate to assist Georgia with its crisis,” – said Kubilius. He also emphasized that involvement of Charles Michel and his special envoy Danielson is the highest level the EU can offer, an unprecedented response to domestic crisis. However,

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