GIP Presents a New Policy Paper on Challenges for Georgia’s Visa Liberalization

According to the document, the Georgian government should:

  • Strengthen discussions with EU member states about recognizing Georgia as a safe country and organize information campaigns for Georgian public.
  • Implement international best practices on controlling the flow of Georgians possibly seeking asylum abroad.
  • Accept responsibility of providing financial assistance to repatriate violators.
  • Carry out information campaigns about the strict obligations against those who violate the rules of visa-free regime.
  • Provide a complex analysis of the database of those individuals who are violating the rules of visa-free travel regime.
  • Actively work on information campaigns directed to debunk the myths.
  • Closely cooperate with those countries that have initiated the issue of revisioning visa liberalization for Georgia.
  • Activate the work of law-enforcing structures against those companies and criminal structures that support the outflow of Georgians who are potentially seeking asylum abroad.
  • Pay particular attention to the possible falsification of facts.
  • Intensify its efforts regarding the opening of the job markets for Georgians.
  • Propose that the EU shares the practice of Schengen Information System (SIS).


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