GIP launched 4 sub-granted projects under GEOYOUTH2020

  • Project 2: Encouraging Participation of the Youth Residing by the Occupation Line in the Democratic Processes

Region: Zugdidi/Tsalenjikha, Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

Implemented by: Ana Tsanava, Levan Papava, Sopio Tchitanava, Tekle Jgarkava, Irakli Beraia

The project aims at addressing the challenge related to the lack of informal education and access to information among young people in the villages by the occupation line. Its major goal is to encourage high-school students of these villages to participate in social life and democratic processes actively. To do so, the project team will provide them with online training sessions about social activism, leadership, importance of youth participation in local governance, etc. Most importantly, students living on the other side of the occupational line will also be involved in the project.

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