GIP launched 4 sub-granted projects under GEOYOUTH2020

In November, 2020 four projects were launched with the help of the sub-grants, which the Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) has opened up for the beneficiaries of the project “GEOYOUTH2020: Manifesto Engaging Youth in Politics in Georgia”. The project GEOYOUTH2020 was implemented by GIP in partnership with the German grass-root think-tank organization POLIS180 with the financial support of the German Federal Foreign Office across the period of May-September, 2020.

Under the framework of the project, a Youth Manifesto was created with the facilitation of the project team and the direct engagement of more than 150 young people from all the regions of Georgia. Prior to the parliamentary elections of 2020, the Manifesto identified 9 major challenges related to the youth political participation in Georgia and proposed potential solutions to these challenges. The Manifesto was presented to the leaders of the major political parties participating in the elections in September.

It is these 9 challenges identified in the Youth Manifesto that created the basis of the sub-granted projects. GIP opened up the call for the sub-grants specifically for the participants of the GEOYOUTH2020. The call invited the proposals addressing one of the 9 challenges and by that encouraging the youth to contribute to the solution of these challenges themselves, at least at the level of their own communities. Furthermore, this opportunity provided the project participants with the experience of initiating and implementing projects independently. In total, 4 projects, addressing different issues across different regions, were sub-granted:

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