Experts Predict Easy Victory for Ruling Party in Local Elections

Assessment Percentage
Weakly responds/Does not/cannot respond 21
Partially responds 36
Responds well or very well 26
Other 17


 This is the “corridor of expectations” for expert responses on the vote share for each of the main parties:

In conclusion, it can be said that despite the pre-election activities and efforts made by opposition forces, surveyed pundits expect the ruling Georgian Dream party to be victorious on all fronts in the local elections – in Tbilisi and in other regions. Both Georgian and international experts agree on the following issues. In order to achieve success, the opposition parties in Georgia need to strengthen their focus on themselves. Also important, they need much more coordination with each other and need to unite around common ideas and candidates. It is worth underlining that while the respondents more positively evaluate the other opposition parties’ election programs, they project the United National Movement to get the second-highest number of votes nationwide in the elections. This once again highlights the observation that in Georgia, party programs and ideology are still not considered central to voting behavior.

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