D.RAD: GIP became a part of the new Horizon2020 project

  • Detect Trends: Rad aims to identify the actors, networks, and wider social contexts driving radicalisation, especially in the emerging context of everyday polarisation over mundane issue in micro-spatial environments, in order to base interventions in evidence grounded in contemporary data and methodologies.
  • Resolve Drivers: Rad aims to understand the online and offline drivers that turn grievance, alienation and polarisation into radicalisation, so that policies can more effectively target underlying problems of social exclusion.
  • Re-integration and Inclusion: Rad aims to understand how individuals affected by grievance, alienation and polarisation can be re-integrated into the established polity or social groups, without compromising personal or collective liberties.


Together with the American University of Paris the GIP is leading the Work Package 11 which is responsible for effective dissemination and exploitation of project outputs as well as production of a working paper series, called “Global Radicalisation: Trends, Drivers, and Solutions.”

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