Biden’s Vision for Global Democracy After Afghanistan: What Does Georgia Need to Consider?

Nino Samkharadze

Joe Biden’s vision for Global Democracy is so important in the US foreign policy strategy that it is even referred to as the “Biden Doctrine”(Brands 2021). However, even in the new administration’s first few days, many had already begun voicing their doubts (Adler and Wertheim 2020). Needless to say, the US-led withdrawal from Afghanistan further complicated Washington’s grand plan (Biden 2020) to lead an “Alliance of Democracies”.

The US vision for global democracy is especially important for Georgia, as a transitional democracy with an ambition to deepen its strategic partnership with Washington (Samkharadze 2021a). In this context, the Summit for Democracy announced by Biden and scheduled for December is particularly noteworthy in its focus on fighting authoritarianism, corruption and promoting respect for human rights beyond the US borders (The White House 2021b).

With this in mind, it is important that Georgia rekindles discussions on the challenges facing Joe Biden’s efforts to build global democracy strategy and issues that the country needs to consider.


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