The Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) is a Tbilisi-based non-profit, non-partisan, research and analysis organization founded in early 2011. GIP strives to strengthen the organizational backbone of democratic institutions and promote good governance and development through policy research and advocacy in Georgia. It also encourages public participation in civil society-building and developing democratic processes. The organization aims to become a major center for scholarship and policy innovation
for the country of Georgia and the wider Black Sea region. To that end, GIP is working to distinguish itself through relevant, incisive research; extensive public outreach; and a brazen spirit of innovation in policy discourse and political conversation. Since December 2013 GIP is member of the OSCE Network of Think Tanks and Academic Institutions and since 2018 is member of EU-LISTCO consortium funded by EU’s Horizon 2020 programme.

Our Staff

Giorgi Aptsiauri

Finance Manager

Nino Kuparashvili

Financial Assistant

Kristine Pataraia

Administrative Manager

Ketevan Jachvadze

Communications Officer

Erekle Gozalishvili

Executive Assistant

Salome Kandelaki

Project Coordinator

Gvantsa Ichkiti

Project Coordinator

Nino Jibuti

Project Coordinator

Affiliated Analyst

Our Interns

Marguerite Chapman

Internship – September/2021-February/2022

Ana Mirakova

Internship – June-September, 2020

Clara Weller

Internship – February-July, 2020

Elizbar Khvichia

Internship - January-May, 2019

Ani Ergemlidze

Internship - October-December, 2018

Sophiko Kurasbediani

Internship - October-December, 2018

Sandro Tabatadze

Internship - February-May, 2018

Lorraine Vaney

Internship - January-April, 2018

Dachi Shanidze

Internship - October-December, 2017

Sandro Kharazashvili

Internship - October-December, 2017

Giorgi Davidian

Internship - September-November, 2017

David Rypel

Internship - February-May, 2017

Mariam Apriashvili

Internship - January-June, 2017

Tinatin Vakhania

Internship - May-December, 2016

Ana Chitaladze

Internship - April-December, 2015