GIP presented the report “Georgia’s Implementation of 20 Eastern Partnership Deliverables for 2020”

“Georgia of course has been considered as the champion of Eastern Partnership for years and this is something that country is proud of and so are we – international community. It is important not to be complacent with what has been achieved because there is a need a need for continuous progress. Georgian civil society is exemplary in caring out its watchdog function and also in offering solutions and coming up with recommendations for Georgian government and we consider this as a positive attitude”, –Loes Lammerts, Deputy Ambassador, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Georgia. 

“Our Eastern Partnership and bilateral relation with Georgia is not just a business of government but it is also a business of societies. One of the merits and beauties of EU-Georgia relations is that there is a very wide common ground on our shared values and that is very important. We are about to look at the future of the priorities and of the Deliverables. The institutions of EU have made proposals that contains the agenda of the EU for Greener Economy, more engagement of youth, better climate resilience and more digitalization. These are the interesting areas for us to take a talk”, – Vincent Rey, Head of the Cooperation Section, EU Delegation to Georgia

The presentation was organized in five parallel sessions, allowing to discuss the EaP priority areas reflected in the report:

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